Simple Steps of Using Equity Bank Mpesa Paybill Number to Transfer Money to Equity Account

Posted on 19th Mar 2019 20:38:00 in Know How

As with all M-pesa services, you can use Equity bank paybill number and transfer money from your car or office. You can then pay bills from your Equity ban

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How to Pay Hospital Bill from Mpesa to an Equity Account

Posted on 19th Mar 2019 20:31:03 in Know How

Sometimes it happens that the hospital, such as kenyatta hospital, has options for paying hopsital bills. Some of the option could be paying from mpesa to

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Posted on 12th Mar 2019 18:40:57 in Know How

DIAL 999 TO CALL AN AMBULANCE IN KENYA By dialing 999 which is a toll-free number for emergency services in Kenya, including for ambulance, fire and

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The Plight of Ambulance Services in Kenya

Posted on 12th Mar 2019 17:58:55 in Know How

I recently came across an article in an old newspaper with the title “Emergency hospital care in Kenya is designed to kill accident victims” in

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The Ambulance and Emergency Services in Kenya

Posted on 12th Mar 2019 17:50:50 in Know How

Being health and secure is always the top most need for every household. However, sometimes emergencies occur, perhaps someone is sick, under attack , or n

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How to Deal With OVARIAN CYST Before or After Pregnancy

Posted on 8th Mar 2019 05:02:50 in Know How, Diseases

N/B: Even virgins can have ovarian cysts and one needs to visit a gynacologist to be sure of what she is suffering from. Here is my story 11th of June was

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Posted on 5th Mar 2019 08:22:22 in Lifestyle, Know How

Last time we saw how to save Khs 330/- from Cerelac.. While you always thought the bigger you buy the cheaper it is. With pampers it's opposite. 😢

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